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MSNBC’s hate-spewing Joy Reid on Friday reacted to Kyle Rittenhouse being acquitted pretty much how you would expect her to. The MSNBC host and her network blogging team projected venom at the United States, saying this racist country was designed to protect people like Rittenhouse. 

Soon after the verdict, she tweeted: 

Then Reid blamed the judge.

The Reidout Blog, the official blog of her MSNBC show, featured this headline

The article by Ja’han Jones, the ReidOut blog writer, vented: 

…White conservatives felt all the more comfortable swaddling Rittenhouse in the protection they often give to police and vigilantes serving white conservative interests — from George Zimmerman to Mark and Patricia McCloskey. Rittenhouse is just their latest darling, pitifully seeing heroism in an armed teen who set out to patrol pro-Black protests as though he were police.      

Jones also endorsed the idea that violent conservatives will embrace a “kill the libs” mentality. 

Conservatives are encouraging white vigilantes like Rittenhouse to police progressive spaces by all means. As one Slate article put it last year, “’Own the Libs’ Is Gradually Morphing Into ‘Kill the Libs.’”

The jury’s decision was a dangerous endorsement of that vision.

Another day, another example of Joy Reid and her staffers dismissing the United States as nothing more than psychotic racists who want to murder. 

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