Get prepared – AZ forensic audit results shows systemic fraud, faked votes, it was rigged
Mike AdamsThe Maricopa County forensic audit results have been leaked, and if the draft documents are correct, they already show over 54,000 fraudulent, faked and otherwise invalid ballots — more than five times the margin of “victory” for Joe Biden.And this is from just one county alone: Maricopa.As the truth about all this begins to seep into the consciousness of the American people, the illegitimate Biden regime will be seeking to unleash desperate measures to distract the American people with another engineered crisis of some sort.We see the next 7 days as a high risk window of opportunity for the deep state to pull something huge… 9/11-scale, or even bigger. Beyond those 7 days, the rest of this calendar year remains ripe for such deep state shenanigans.Get full details of the warning article and today’s podcast here.
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