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November 19, 2021
Biden’s Trillion Dollar Boondoggle

The House passed the two trillion dollar Biden boondoggle bill. Only one Dem opposed, all Republicans voted against it.

There are two unreported things about the bill that you should know. First, there is no oversight as to how the money will be spent. It’s all billions here, billions there. But nobody really understands where the trillions will go and how exactly the money will be used.

In a spending spree this colossal, there needs to be a separate federal department created just to follow the money.

The second thing is that the progressive intelligentsia, which is behind the massive spending, now has far more power to turn the US economy into a quasi-socialist situation. That means far more of our free marketplace will be run from Washington. Which is what the progressives want.

The American people are largely in the dark about economics but you, as consumers, are not. The far-left understands that President Biden is a fool and can be easily manipulated. It also knows that many Americans do not pay attention to political stuff.

I mean, how’s that open border thing working out, Joe? Are you getting a daily drug overdose death sheet?

Next year will see the American people suffer economically. Then the tide will turn. But the damage done by this bill if it passes the Senate will linger.

Have a restful weekend.

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