Military Intelligence Intercepted The Deep State 16 Year Plan with unexpected help from a business man.

How Obama’s Deep State was caught.

Remember the statement he made in his first speech? The United States has too much of everything, they need to share their wealth with other countries like Iran. The united States is Greedy. Most people were so infatuated with the First Black President- they just smiled at him and laughed at not funny jokes. This statement was not understood or they were just obsessed.

Obama and Crooked Hillary had the peoples lives all figured out. At first he was just into mind control. He had taken courses on hypnotis and he was a fast learner. He knew the tricks of getting his audience to only listen to him, keep their eyes in him and listen. watching people in the crowds with their bobble heads and permanent smile- he knew he had them.

They would believe everything he said. He knew they would believe him before someone else.

He was heard at the end of his term saying he had his own private army that wouldn’t hesitate, drop whatever they were doing if he summoned them- signaling he was being attacked. He meant it. I think it was true.

So many people knew he had no real birth certificate. But the people believed everything he said. He slammed any doubters and told them how he was being accused. McAfee in the run produced obamas real kenyan birth certificate but people didn’t want to hear it or would never believe anybody that said anything against him. Think about it. could he or any president get whatever they wanted or needed. subject dropped forever.

But there was a group of people, a military Intel group that would never fall for anything he tried. They had found the 16 year plan of him and Hillary to eventually control the world. Anybody that didnt agree or they knew would fight their total dominance and control would just disappear or get added to The Clinton-Obama Kill list. it har lots of names but they were either suicides or random killings and when the cops were told to stand down-They did. No questions asked.

This later came in handy for her and Obama. They knew they were in total control of anybody. nobody would dare question them or investigate because like one high official said. if we investigate her we will be finished, but not meaning just lose their job. Obama already told them all. Stop any investIgations on her immediately and never start another one.She will be President, she can’t lose. The Fix is in.