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“History teaches that grave threats to liberty often come in times of urgency, when constitutional rights seem too extravagant to endure.” 
— Justice Thurgood Marshall (1989)

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Coup d’Etat 2000
Excerpts from Coup d’Etat: A Practical Handbook by Edward Luttwak (Harvard Univ. Press, 1968):”A coup d’etat involves some elements of all these different methods by which power can be seized [i.e., putsch, revolution, civil war, war for liberation] but, unlike most of them the coup is not necessarily assisted by either the intervention of the masses, or, to any significant degree, by military-type force.“If a coup does not make use of the masses, or of warfare, what instrument of power will enable it to seize control of the state? The short answer is that the power will come from the state itself…”A coup consists of the infiltration of a small but critical segment of the state apparatus, which is then used to displace the government from its control of the remainder. …”If we were revolutionaries, wanting to destroy the power of some of the political forces, and the long and often bloody process of revolutionary attrition can achieve this. Our purpose is, however, quite different: we want to seize power within the present system, and we shall only stay in power if we embody some new status quo supported by those very forces which a revolution may seek to destroy.”  (more…)see Coup 2K at
 News ArchivesArchive: May 2005The ‘Salvador Option’: Pentagon Plans to Train Iraqi Death Squads
Posted Sat 05/21/2005Archive: May 2004Bombshell: Chalabi & Top INC Official Are Spies for Iran; Op Inadvertently Paid for by Pentagon
Posted Sat 05/22/2004Senior Pentagon & Dept. of Justice Officials Approved Torture, er, “Extreme Interrogation” Techniques at Gitmo
Posted Sun 05/09/2004Torture at Abu Ghraib: The Complete Taguba Report (part 1)
Posted Sun 05/09/2004Torture at Abu Ghraib: The Complete Taguba Report (part 2)
Posted Sun 05/09/2004Archive: April 2004Chalabi’s Iraqi National Congress (INC) Illegally Used State Dept. Money to Disseminate Propaganda In US
Posted Wed 04/14/2004Iraqi National Congress (INC) List of News Items Using Their Propaganda
Posted Wed 04/14/2004Claim vs. Fact: Rice’s 9/11 Testimony Dissected
Posted Sat 04/10/2004Full Transcript: Condoleezza Rice’s Sworn Testimony Before the 9/11 Commission, 4/8/04
Posted Sat 04/10/2004Justice Scalia Illegally Uses Federal Marshalls to Force Reporters to Erase Audio Tapes of His Public Speech
Posted Sat 04/10/2004Declassified Docs & Audio Prove US Support for 1964 Brazil Coup
Posted Sat 04/10/2004‘Routine’ NSA Email Intercept Leads to Arrests in Britain & Canada; First Reported Bust from NSA Email Snooping
Posted Sat 04/10/2004Declassified: Presidential Daily Briefing, Aug. 6, 2001 (text)
Posted Sat 04/10/2004Declassified: Presidential Daily Briefing, Aug. 6, 2001 (images)
Posted Sat 04/10/2004Archive: March 2004Canadian Inquiry May Reveal CIA Secrets on Outsourcing Torture
Posted Wed 03/31/2004GOP Voter Survey Asks Who We Should Invade Next
Posted Wed 03/31/2004Uncensored ‘Hackergate’ Report Accidentally Released; Perps’ Names Revealed
Posted Tue 03/30/2004FBI, Customs Stole Declassified Docs From AP in 2003
Posted Tue 03/30/2004FBI ‘Warned’ Magazine in 2002 That FOIAed Docs ‘Might’ Be Stolen
Posted Tue 03/30/2004Kerry FBI Files Stolen From Author’s Home in ‘Very Professional Job’
Posted Tue 03/30/2004GAO Says White House Lying About Drug Science is Perfectly Okay
Posted Tue 03/23/2004Bush Campaign Hires Paramilitary Security Firm
Posted Tue 03/23/2004Transcript: Richard Clarke on 60 Minutes, 3/21/04
Posted Tue 03/23/2004Documents: Sen. Kerry Investigation of ’80s Narco Traffic Showed CIA Collusion
Posted Tue 03/23/2004Forensic Experts Confirm Northern Alliance Massacre of Afghan Prisoners; Hundreds, Possibly Thousands Died
Posted Tue 03/23/2004Brits Freed from Guantanamo Reveal Torture by US
Posted Tue 03/23/2004US Hardliners Worked for Aristide’s Ouster for Years
Posted Tue 03/16/2004Steele Foundation CEO on Aristide and the Coup: ‘I Can’t Comment on That’
Posted Mon 03/15/2004In-Depth: The Full Story of Aristide’s Kidnapping
Posted Mon 03/15/2004‘Haiti Under the Gun’: Covert US Ties to Haitian Rebels Date from the ’90s
Posted Mon 03/15/2004The Bush Admin’s Version of Aristide’s Ouster: Ain’t Nobody Here But Us Chickens
Posted Mon 03/15/2004Bush Admin Blocked Aristide Bodyguard Reinforcements; Role of Steele Fdn. Examined
Posted Mon 03/15/2004The Thugs of Haiti’s ‘Armed Opposition’
Posted Mon 03/15/2004CIA Using Database Codenamed ‘Harmony’ to Catalog Info from Tortured Captives
Posted Mon 03/15/2004Pentagon Deploys Sound Weapon in Iraq; Can Cause Permanent Deafness and ‘Cellular Damage’
Posted Mon 03/15/2004In Lengthy Interview, Aristide Insists He Was Kidnapped, Overthrown in US-Backed Coup
Posted Mon 03/15/2004Archive: February 2004GAO: CAPPS II Airline Screening Program Poses ‘Severe Threats’ to Civil Liberties
Posted Sun 02/15/2004COINTELPRO Reborn: Salon.Com Article Exposes Depths of US Spying on Legal Peaceful Dissent; Nonviolence = Terrorism?
Posted Sun 02/15/20049-11 Investigation Finding Contradictory Claims
Posted Sun 02/15/2004Md. Computer Experts: 8th Grader Could Hack Diebold E-Vote Machines. ‘It’s Like They Didn’t Bother’ With Security
Posted Sun 02/15/2004Archive: January 2004Senate Republicans Hacked Dem Computers For At Least a Year, Stole Secret Memos
Posted Sun 01/25/2004Iraq Mortar Shells Did Not — NOT — Contain Chemical Weapons
Posted Tue 01/20/2004White House Source Confirms O’Neil Account on Iraq Invasion
Posted Thu 01/15/2004Bush Planned Iraq Invasion From Day 1 – Transcript of Paul O’Neil on 60 Minutes
Posted Thu 01/15/2004Text of FBI Alert on ‘Terrorist Use of Almanacs’
Posted Fri 01/09/2004Israeli Source Confirms More Details re: Kurdish Capture of Saddam; Political Fall-Out Mounts
Posted Tue 01/06/2004Liars’ Case for War: Bush Admin Quotes on Iraq WMD, 2002-2003
Posted Mon 01/05/2004Bush to America: ‘So What’s the Difference’ If He Lied About Iraqi WMD?
Posted Mon 01/05/2004The Brave New World of Computers on the Battlefield
Posted Mon 01/05/2004Pentagon Tries to Shut Down Wash. Post Military Reporter in Meeting With Editors
Posted Fri 01/02/2004Five New Countries Join UN Security Council; Syria and Bulgaria Replaced
Posted Fri 01/02/2004Leaked: Restricted FBI Surveillance ‘Guidance’ for Voice-Over-IP Providers
Posted Fri 01/02/2004Hussein’s Capture Has Not Reduced US Deaths in Insurgency
Posted Fri 01/02/2004Official CENTCOM Casualty Counts Before & After Hussein Capture
Posted Fri 01/02/2004FBI: Revealing Info About the Anthrax Probe Could ‘Aid Terrorists’
Posted Fri 01/02/2004Memo Shows INC Piped Raw Iraq ‘Intel’ Directly to Cheney & Office of Special Plans
Posted Fri 01/02/2004A Reader’s Guide to SAOs (Senior Administration Officials)
Posted Fri 01/02/2004Archive: December 2003Compile of News Links re: Kurdish Capture of Saddam Hussein
Posted Tue 12/30/2003MI6’s ‘Operation Mass Appeal’ Planted Misinformation to Justify Iraq War
Posted Tue 12/30/2003US Using Police Software to Track Iraqi Insurgents
Posted Fri 12/26/2003Fourth Prosecutor Added to Wilson/Plame CIA Leak Investigation
Posted Fri 12/26/2003Nov. Court Ruling Revealed FBI Use of OnStar-Type Services to Spy on Car Passengers
Posted Wed 12/24/2003Secret Service Orders Alteration of Mapquest’s Aerial Views of DC Locations
Posted Wed 12/24/2003Bush Admin Steps Up ‘Web Scrubbing’; Removing Embarrassing Docs and Transcripts from Gov’t Web Sites
Posted Wed 12/24/2003ANSWER Coalition Files FOIA Demand for Info on FBI Spying Against Peace Activists
Posted Wed 12/24/2003Nat’l Park Service Caves to Xtian Fundamentalists
Posted Wed 12/24/2003Kurdish Paper Scooped Sunday Express Story on Kurdish Capture of Hussein
Posted Tue 12/23/2003Kurdish PUK Claims Hussein Wife Was Tipster, Contradicts US Account
Posted Tue 12/23/2003Dec. 14 News Coverage May Buttress Kurdish Claim of Hussein Capture
Posted Tue 12/23/2003Sunday Express: Saddam Hussein Captured by Kurdish PUK, Not US
Posted Tue 12/23/2003Iraq Health Ministry Orders Stop to Counting of Civilian Dead; Numbers To Date Will Not Be Released
Posted Sat 12/20/2003‘Nonexistent’ Videotapes Found: Show Abuse of ‘Terrorist’ Detainees Denied by Feds
Posted Fri 12/19/2003Bush Detention of Jose Padilla Ruled Unconstitutional; Release Ordered Within 30 Days: ‘Presidential Authority Does Not Exist in a Vacuum’
Posted Thu 12/18/2003Bush Admin Told 75 Senators Iraqi WMD Could Hit US; False Info Given During Congressional Debate Influenced War Vote
Posted Thu 12/18/2003UPI Interview With Cell Leader in Iraq Insurgency
Posted Thu 12/18/2003As Many as Half of All Medical Journal Articles Secretly Ghost-Written by Big Pharma Flacks
Posted Mon 12/15/2003E-Vote Companies Join to ‘Counter Mounting Concerns’
Posted Tue 12/09/2003FBI Subpoenas Saudi Embassy Financial Records: A First
Posted Tue 12/09/2003Newly Declassified Transcript Proves Kissinger Gave OK for Argentine Death Squads in ‘War on Terrorism’
Posted Mon 12/08/2003Text of FBI Bulletin Urging Cops to ‘Monitor’ Antiwar Protests
Posted Mon 12/08/2003Task Force 121 to Use Saddam’s Spies and Israeli Commandos in Assassination ‘Manhunts’
Posted Mon 12/08/2003Diebold Backs Off Legal Threats Against E-Vote Activists; EFF Suit Still Proceeds
Posted Mon 12/08/2003Colonel: ‘Fear and Violence’ Will Convince Iraqis the US is ‘Here to Help’
Posted Mon 12/08/2003US Puppet Govt. in Iraq Shutters, Bans Al-Arabiya TV
Posted Mon 12/01/2003Archive: November 2003Gen. Tommy Franks: Terrorist WMD Attack Would Mean Military Rule in US
Posted Fri 11/21/2003Kucinich Posts Diebold Memos to His House Web Site; Says Investigating ‘Diebold’s Legal Abuses’
Posted Fri 11/21/2003Richard Perle Publicly Admits Iraq Invasion Was Illegal
Posted Fri 11/21/2003American Reporters Say US Troops Intimidating, Threatening & Wrongly Detaining Them
Posted Thu 11/20/2003Wal-Mart, Proctor & Gamble Collaborate in Spying on Consumers
Posted Fri 11/14/2003Legislation Would Permit CIA Agents to Operate Directly Within Local Police Forces
Posted Fri 11/14/2003Cease and Desist: Lawsuit Filed to Stop Diebold Threats Against Critics, ISPs
Posted Thu 11/13/2003MATRIX: Text of the ACLU Issue Brief
Posted Thu 11/13/2003Not a Movie: Secret MATRIX Revives TIA at the State Level
Posted Thu 11/13/2003Even GW’s ex-Sec. of the Army Says Admin Lied About Iraq
Posted Thu 11/13/2003Task Force 121 ‘Death Squad’ Hunting Saddam & Bin Laden
Posted Thu 11/13/2003Chinese Govt. Targets Tibet Activists with Computer Viruses
Posted Thu 11/13/2003More Blatant Rumsfeld Lies: Claims He Never Said Quotes Broadcast on TV
Posted Thu 11/13/2003Senate Republicans Freeze Iraq Inquiry Over Leaked Dem Strategy Memo
Posted Thu 11/13/2003‘A Bit of Structure’: White House Squelches Dem Queries
Posted Thu 11/13/2003US Using ‘Old Fashioned Torture’ at Guantanamo
Posted Thu 11/13/2003Archive: October 2003With God on Our Side: Gen. Boykin in His Own Words
Posted Mon 10/20/2003Archive: September 2003Voting Machine Exec is ‘Committed’ to ‘Delivering Votes’ for Bush in 2004
Posted Mon 09/01/2003Archive: July 2003Ambassador Wilson: ‘What I Didn’t Find in Iraq’
Posted Mon 07/07/2003Archive: June 2003US Has Plans for Guantanamo ‘Death Camp’
Posted Tue 06/03/2003DOJ Inspector General Confirms ‘Significant’ Abuses of US Detainees
Posted Tue 06/03/2003Excerpts from DOJ IG Report on 9-11 Detainees
Posted Tue 06/03/2003Excerpts from ‘Coup d’Etat: A Practical Handbook’ by Edward Luttwak
Posted Sun 06/01/2003Powell on Pentagon Iraq Intel: ‘This is bullshit.’
Posted Sun 06/01/2003Archive: May 2003Office of Special Plans: Rumsfeld’s ‘Cabal’ Behind the Bush Admin Iraq Lies
Posted Sat 05/31/2003Rumsfeld Creates Office of Special Plans (Oct. 2002)
Posted Sat 05/31/2003Powell in Secret Transcript: US Intel on Iraq CBW Was ‘At Best, Circumstantial’
Posted Sat 05/31/2003Top Marine General: Admin ‘Simply Wrong’ About Iraq Chem Weapons
Posted Sat 05/31/2003British Spy Chiefs Warned Blair About Bogus Iraq Intel
Posted Sat 05/31/2003Aussie Spies Knew US Was Lying About Iraq WMD
Posted Sat 05/31/2003US Insiders Say Iraq Intel Deliberately Skewed
Posted Sat 05/31/2003Clean-Up at US CBW Facility Reveals Deadly Secrets
Posted Thu 05/29/2003Pentagon Claims Office of Special Plans Not Intended to Bypass CIA
Posted Thu 05/29/2003Congress Calls on CIA to ‘Reevaluate’ Iraq Intel
Posted Thu 05/29/2003Federal ‘Data Mining’ Has Ballooned Since 9-11
Posted Sun 05/25/2003Homeland Security Establishing Regional Offices
Posted Tue 05/20/2003Perception Management: Pentagon Renames TIA
Posted Tue 05/20/2003Florida Election Supervisors Wants to Destroy 2000 Presidential Ballots
Posted Tue 05/06/2003Washington and London: We Lied About Iraq
Posted Tue 05/06/2003US Court Releases 2002 Wiretap Report
Posted Tue 05/06/2003‘Go Massive’: Iraq Invasion Ordered on Sept. 11, 2001
Posted Sat 05/03/2003Archive: April 2003Hints That (US-Occupied) Iraq May Quit Opec
Posted Sat 04/26/2003Pentagon: US-China alliance for N. Korea overthrow?
Posted Wed 04/23/2003US/Brit Spooks Bribed Republican Guard
Posted Tue 04/22/2003DOJ and Repubs Conspire to Make PATRIOT Act Permanent
Posted Wed 04/09/2003Spin Control: US Attacks All Main Western and Arab Media HQs in Baghdad In Just One Day
Posted Wed 04/09/2003Ft. Bragg Commander Invites ‘Hundreds’ of Xtian Evangelists for Special Visit
Posted Mon 04/07/2003What’s a War Crime for the Goose is Fine for the Gander
Posted Mon 04/07/2003Oakland Police Fire Wooden Bullets at Protesters; At Least 12 Injured, Including Dockworkers
Posted Mon 04/07/2003Baptist Army Chaplain Uses Water to Coerce Soldiers Into Conversions
Posted Sun 04/06/2003Army Intelligence Questions Musician’s Family
Posted Sun 04/06/2003Transcript of Peter Arnett Interview on Iraqi TV
Posted Wed 04/02/2003Archive: March 2003Al Jazeera Banned from NY Stock Exchange and NASDAQ
Posted Thu 03/27/2003While You Were Warring: FERC Rules Energy Companies Manipulated Markets
Posted Thu 03/27/2003Summary of UN Ambassador Mohammed Aldouri’s statement to the UN Security Council
Posted Thu 03/27/2003White House’s ‘Global PR Network’ Used to ‘Dominate’ War Coverage
Posted Thu 03/27/2003Bush Orders Halt to Document Declassifications Required by Law, Will Re-classify Many Others Already Released
Posted Tue 03/25/2003Federal Secret Surveillance Hits Record Levels
Posted Tue 03/25/2003Nation’s Largest Radio Conglomerate Oranizing Pro-War Rallies
Posted Tue 03/25/2003Delta Force Hit Squads Targetting Saddam — ‘It’s What They’ve Been Training to Do.’
Posted Thu 03/20/2003‘Someone’ is Bugging the EU
Posted Thu 03/20/2003Vandenberg AFB Threatens to Shoot Protesters
Posted Mon 03/17/2003Ex-CIA Agents: US is ‘Cooking’ Intelligence on Iraq
Posted Sun 03/16/2003US Ambassador Tells Turkey We’ll Be in Iraq ‘for 20 Years’
Posted Sat 03/15/2003FBI & Customs Intercepts, Seizes Associated Press Mail
Posted Sat 03/15/2003US & Britain Passed Forged Documents to UN as Iraq Nuke ‘Proof’
Posted Thu 03/13/2003US ‘Victory’: Afghan Heroin Production Up 18x Over 2001 Levels
Posted Wed 03/05/2003NSA Order to Spy on UN Security Council Members Opposed to Iraq Invasion
Posted Mon 03/03/2003NSA Intercepting UN Security Council Members’ Private Communications
Posted Mon 03/03/2003Toxic Hypocrisy: US to Use Banned Chemical Weapons in Iraq
Posted Mon 03/03/2003Air Orwell: All US Air Travellers To Be Subject to Detailed Background Checks – Including Your Bank Account
Posted Sat 03/01/2003Archive: February 2003US Getting Israeli Advice on Conducting Assassination Ops
Posted Fri 02/28/2003Declassified Documents Detail US Cozying to Saddam
Posted Wed 02/26/2003Federal Lawsuit to Stop Iraq War Dismissed; Appeal Filed
Posted Tue 02/25/2003US Secretly Aided Al Qaida Mass Escape From Afghanistan
Posted Sun 02/23/20031,700 US Troops Secretly Entering Philippine Combat Role
Posted Sun 02/23/2003This Police State Brought to You By…
Posted Sat 02/22/2003Pennsylvania’s Homeland Security Chief Consulted for ‘Iraq Gate’ Arms Dealer
Posted Sun 02/16/2003DoD’s FOIA Video Not Available Under FOIA
Posted Sat 02/15/2003American Bar Association Urges More Oversight of FISA Court
Posted Sat 02/15/2003US Secretly Using ‘Torture by Proxy’
Posted Fri 02/14/2003Congressional Committee Bars Using TIA ‘Against Americans’
Posted Thu 02/13/2003Jury: PA Atty. Gen. Protected CIA Drug Smuggling Op
Posted Wed 02/12/2003A Spook in Every FBI Office: CIA Expands Domestic Ops
Posted Mon 02/10/2003Secret ‘Patriot II’ Law Even Worse Than the First
Posted Sat 02/08/2003Federal ‘Internet Monitoring Center’ Supposedly Unrelated to TIA
Posted Sun 02/02/2003Archive: January 2003Italian Police Planted Bombs, Faked Stabbing to Justify Brutal Attacks on Genoa Protesters
Posted Mon 01/13/2003Archive: December 2002Bush Authorizes Assassination of Al Qaida Leaders
Posted Fri 12/20/2002Secret Bush Order Authorizes CIA Assassination of Americans
Posted Wed 12/04/2002Archive: November 2002Fatherland Security Bill to Bring Total Surveillance
Posted Thu 11/21/2002Archive: May 2002George Bush I: Why We Didn’t Remove Saddam
Posted Mon 05/06/2002Archive: October 2001CIA Honing Assassination Strategy; Secret Bush ‘Finding’ Grants Authority for Wet Ops
Posted Wed 10/31/2001Bush Gives Green Light to CIA for Assassination of Named Terrorists
Posted Wed 10/31/2001Archive: February 2001Coup 2K
Posted Thu 02/01/2001
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